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See Optima
demonstrated LIVE
– the new short run flexo!
We will print on an innovated "green" substrate, perform changeover within minutes using minimum waste and demonstrate the top print quality achievable by flexo technology today.
Hall 4 Stand 4B21
Demos daily at 12:00, 4:00 PM
Live printed designs:
Hall 4 Stand 4B21
Hall 4 Stand 4B21 difficult "bouncing" design with only 260 mm repeat length
Hall 4 Stand 4B21 efficient Co-Print using Expanded Gamut PrintingTM by Marvaco
Hall 4 Stand 4B21 silver ink printed by ink saving cartridge
Hall 4 Stand 4B21
Hall 4 Stand 4B21 breathtaking "rotogravure" design
Hall 4 Stand 4B21 efficient fixed pallet using Project Blue® by Reproflex3
Hall 4 Stand 4B21 register and impression set automatically by ARUN
Substrate Innovation
During DEMO we will print on transparent EVOH barrier film for fully recyclable mono structure packaging, substrate made by Innovia. On our stand we will have gallery of additional “environmental” solutions, such as fully compost-able ink&substrate packaging, water based print on paper, and the latest development by Reifenhäuser MO-PE Film for complete recyclability to replace PET lamination film in the future. 100+ installation worldwide
Flexo Innovation
We invented Optima, new short run flexo, which handles up to 20 jobs a day and is unique in following:
ARUN Set register and
impression with zero
web waste

Ink Cartridge Reduce residual ink

Advanced Bounce Control Reduce bounce and
print at top speed

Modular Design Customize the press to
your specific needs

Visit us at K SHOW,
Hall 04 / 4B21
Demos daily at 12:00, 4:00 PM
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