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Dear Business Partners,
First of all, allow me to take this opportunity and express my thanks for your kind participation at the Meeting with the clients which we organized this year also to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company TÜV NORD Czech at the Family Winery U Kapličky. I would like to invite those of you, who were not able to meet us in June, to take part in the second session, in September 8 - 9, 2015.
This September is not only the months of the second Meeting with the clients, but also a month of a highly expected release date of issue of a new amendment to the ISO 9001 standard and the opportunity to meet at 
one of our series of training sessions which will deal with changes and transition to the new standard. We will announce the dates of the training once the amendment has been issued, so please follow our updates on our website.
We have also prepared a series of trainings dealing with changes in Energy Management Act, which came into force as of July 1st, 2015 and which among others introduces the obligation for the implementation of an energy audit and certification according to ISO 50001 for large enterprises, not later than December 5, 2015. Our new department Energy Management, which has been established with respect to introduction of this legislation and a long-term and continuous pressure on reduction of energy intensity, is prepared to respond to your inquiries regarding this topic.
Although, or perhaps because of the fact that for many of us there is a challenging period  ahead of us with respect to the above-mentioned changes, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you pleasant summer, undisturbed free days and well-deserved rest.

Jan Weinfurt, Director

Looking back to the second quarter 

Meeting with the clients - session 1

The main topics of the Meeting with the clients, held on June 16 - 17, 2015 at the Winery U Kapličky, included a summary of major milestones of a 25-year history of the company, presented by one of the first managing directors of the company, Ing. Jaroslav Merta, especially the presentation of current information on the rules of the  transition to the new standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and provision of an overview of current and forthcoming legislative changes (the Atomic Act, PED, product marketing – conformity assessment, energy management). 
We would like to thank once again to all the participants! 
You can enjoy a selection of pictures taken at the Meeting here.

If you are interested in more information regarding the September meeting (held September 8 – 9, 2015), please contact Mrs. Simona Havránková,


New training for welders

In May this year our company, in co-operation with AF POWER Agency, has organized the training „Implementation and significance of ČSN EN ISO 3834 standard for the implementation of welded structures and products in engineering practice“.
With respect to the large number of participants and the requirements our experts have been receiving, we have scheduled training for June titled “Welded structures, implementation and design of repairs of steel structures and related documentation”.  The purpose of the training was not only to provide a comprehensive overview of the issue of the quality of welded structures, but especially to interconnect theoretical knowledge with its direct application to the production practice.
The lecturer of the training was – as during the training in May – Ing. Stanislava Hurníková.
Mrs. Hurníková is a graduate of the Engineering Faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň (Pilsen) (the field: Mechanical Engineering – Material Engineering and Engineering Metallurgy),  after a long-term experience as a welding supervision in the production company, Mrs. Hurníková works as a senior inspector with the title of the International Welding Engineer IWE/EWE. 
In case you are interested in a professional consultation in this field, please, contact Mrs. Stanislava Hurníková,, +420 727 802 443.

We will provide more information about forthcoming training on welding at: Simona Havránková,, +420 495 822 390.


Establishing international co-operation in the field of NDT personnel qualification

In May 2015 our company has concluded a contract on co-operation in the field of NDT personnel qualification according to EN ISO 9712 with HANBAT National University and HANBAT Welding Institute,  Daejeon, South Korea.
HANBAT National University is one of the leading technical universities in South Korea  and together with HANBAT Welding Institute represent top institutions in the field of welding and NDT qualification.

The development activities build on previous co-operation with Greece, co-operation with India is under negotiation.

The aim of new contacts is to improve qualification and skills of workers in the field of NDT testing in all mentioned countries.

You will find more detailed information on certification of NDT personnel here.

If you are interested in a professional consultation, please, contact Mr. Ing. David Duba,,  +420 606 690 209.


A newly appointed director of the Transport Division 

A new Director of the Division of Transport Ing. Josef Pokorný, has been appointed as of June 1, 2015.

His main tasks are to manage existing activites of the division (i.e. certification of road vehicles, Vehicle Inspection Stations /STK and Car Emission Controls/SME) and to enhance development of new products in the field of technical qualification approval of road vehicles.

Mr. Pokorný has more than a 20-year experience with the approval of vehicles. Since 1996 Mr. Pokorný worked at the Ministry of Transport, since 2002 he held the position of the Director of the Department of road vehicles. He is a recognized expert in the field of European and global technical regulations for the construction of road vehicles. 

The main target of Mr. Pokorný is further development of the activities of the division interconnected with the experience of our colleagues within the TÜV NORD GROUP.

For more detailed information of services of Transport Division see here.


Certification ENplus of wood pellets on foreign markets

TÜV NORD Czech is the unique accreditation, inspection and testing body that conducts the ENplus certification in the Czech Republic. This provides an access to the international market with wood pellets. Currently, TNC has expanded its activities abroad, including Slovakia, Belarus, Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina among its clients. The certification is performed according to the requirements of European Pellet Council and quality wood pellets which fulfil these requirements are marked with the ENplus A1 logo and the identification number of the manufacturer. Manufacturers, resellers and carriers complying with the certification conditions acquire this prestigious certificate ENplus.

For more detailed information, please, contact: RNDr. Alice Kotlánová, mobile: +420 724 355 718, e-mail:


Supervision over foreign projects – Sweden as a new market

After the contracts concluded on supervision of construction, assembly and delivery of investment project in Turkey (brown coal power plant), Finland (nuclear plant) or Romania (plant for production of urea) TÜV NORD Czech started co-operation with Doosan Škoda Power on a Swedish project Vartan. 
This project is an extension of a cellulose factory Värö, to which Doosan Škoda Power supplies not only industrial turbine, but also a condensation pipe system. A new turbine will generate electricity for a cellulose factory; its surplus will be supplied to the network. Our company will provide an overall assessment of compliance of the assembly (steam-water heat exchangers, valves and pipes of the engine room of a steam turbine), pressure equipment, will provide control of safety equipment, security system and functional testing and coordinate and guarantee requirements of local authorities at launch of the assembly and equipment.

We are able to provide the independent professional supervision over foreign projects thanks to the extensive professional knowledge of our inspectors in various industrial branches. The main purpose of these activities, which span over all phases of the project, is protection of interests of all participating parties, either from the position of a state-appointed authority (NoBo) or as a direct representative of the investor or the supplier. The inspectors control fulfilment of technical and contractual requirements, fulfilment of time and financial schedule and therefore enhance reduction of risks of extensive damages connected with repairs, penalties or search of new suppliers.

If you are interested in receiving more detailed information, please, contact Ing. Zdeněk Blatný,, +420 724 021 854.


Featured Picture       

The corporate video of TÜV NORD Czech

On the 25th anniversary of our company we have made a short corporate video (3.42 min) – here
We are looking forward to your comments and thank you for your time.
Contact: Ladislava Kadlčíková (Klůsová),


Amendment to the standard ISO 9001:2015

The expected release date of the amendment to the standard EN ISO 9001:2015 is September 2015. While upcoming changes are still in the stage of approval of proposals (we are preparing training immediately upon issuance of the amendment – please, follow the updates here), our accreditation authority DAkkS has already defined rules for the transition to the amendment to the standard (the rules are related to the transition to ISO 14001:2015, which are as follows:

  • The 3-year transition period will start on the release date of the amendment to the standard
    Running certificates EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 14001:2009 will be valid for a maximum of three years after the release date of the amendment to the standard.
  • Certification audits under „the old 2008 edition“ will only be carried out within 18 months after the release date of the amendment to the standard. 
  • Transition can take place within the recertification or surveillance audit. (Since the new standards will contain new and expanded existing requirements that will be necessary to verify during the audit, it will increase the scope of audits – this obligation was determined by the accreditation authority DAkkS. After the transition, subsequent audits will be calculated within the usual scope.)
Given the mandatory increase of the audit scope is lower within a recertification audit (additional scope is at least 10% of the original scope of the recertification audit, but at least 0.25 man-days on site; additional scope for the surveillance audit is at least 20% of the scope of the control audit, but at least 0.5 man–days on site), it would be more convenient to make the transition during the recertification audit.

We will send you announcement on date of your subsequent audit in advance so that we have time to agree on the most appropriate form of transition to amendment to the standards.

In case you wish to upgrade your certification within the surveillance audit later this year, let us know in advance before the audit date to the contact below.

Jan Kovářík, tel. +420 296 587 218 / mobile +420 724 002 935,


New department of TÜV NORD Czech: Energy Management

In connection with the increasing pressure to reduce energy intensity which is currently supported by the legislation – by issuing amendment to the Energy Management Act (see the next article), we have established a new department in May this year. This is a separate department „Energy Management“.
The department is led by the energy specialist with licences granted by The Ministry of Industry and Trade and a consultant for ISO 50001, Mr. Martin Doležal. 
The purpose of the department is to help you find your way in the possibilities of energy savings, propose the most suitable individual solutions (conceptual or single) for your company, to provide support in its implementation and evaluation (by analysis and measurements, including thermography) or help you fulfil the new legislative obligations defined by the changes in the law. 
You can find the complete offer of services provided by this department here. We will gladly respond to your inquiries at,  +420 777 353 365.


Change of Act No. 406/2000 Sb., on Energy Management

As of July 1, 2015the amendment to the Act No. 406/2000 Sb., on Energy Management came into force. Act (No. 103/2015 Sb.) among others introduces new requirements (regular energy audit) for owners of large enterprises (i.e. companies with more than 250 employees, and/or a turnover of more than 50mil EUR and/or a total annual balance sheet of more than 43mil EUR; it is sufficient to fulfil one of the given criteria).
Change of the law requires the companies to conduct the energy audit every four years. The exceptions are large companies that have already introduced the energy management system (in accordance with ISO 50001) or the environmental management system (ISO 14001), which includes the energy audit (this obligation must be fulfilled no later than 5. 12. 2015), or they have a valid energy audit (completed within the period of 3 years prior to the effective date of this Act, i.e. July 1, 2015). 
In case you fail to meet these statutory obligations the companies might face up to 5m penalty by the State Energy Inspection (Státní energetická inspekce).

Since there are no generally applicable guidelines providing grounds for decision on whether it is more profitable for the company to conduct the energy audit or the audit according to ISO 50001, we would recommend to participate in one of the training that we have prepared and which includes the discussion on solutions for specific operations (see a section Training), or we can offer you a personal consultation on site. 
Contact:  Martin Doležal,, +420 777 353 365.


Solving problems with fasteners

Integral and important parts of the products are screws, nuts and washers. Inappropriate material or treatment can significantly affect the quality of the final product and cause significant damage. 
Laboratories TÜV NORD Czech therefore offer assistance in testing the quality of fasteners by conducting mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests. The Laboratories examine not only the material from which the screws, nuts and washers are made, but also its treatment, and on the issued accredited protocol present results of measurements of the individual tests, which serves as the basis for the declaration of the quality of the components. The most frequently performed tests are tensile tests, pressure tests, hardness tests and determination of the chemical composition of the material, from which the screws or other components are manufactured. Metallurgical evaluation is being used to detect defects.

If you are interested in these services, please contact RNDr. Alice Kotlánová,, +420 724 355 718.



Trainings scheduled for the third quarter

22. 7. 2015 - New obligations in accordance with the changes of the Law No. 406/2000 Sb., on energy management, Praha, Martin Doležal

28. 7. 2015 - New obligations in accordance with the changes of the Law No. 406/2000 Sb., on energy management, Ostrava, Martin Doležal

29. 7. 2015 - New obligations in accordance with the changes of the Law No. 406/2000 Sb., on energy management, Brno, Martin Doležal
19. 8. 2015 - New obligations in accordance with the changes of the Law No. 406/2000 Sb., on energy management, Plzeň, Martin Doležal

20. 8. 2015 - New obligations in accordance with the changes of the Law No. 406/2000 Sb., on energy management, Praha, Martin Doležal
8. - 9. 9. 2015 - Meeting with the clients, Zaječí (U Kapličky Winery)

10. 9. 2015 - Safety of new and used machinery, Praha (Prague), 
Ing. Parchaňský

22. 9. 2015 - Welded structures, implementation and design of repairs of steel structures, Plzeň (Pilsen), Ing. Stanislava Hurníková

If you have any questions please contact:
Mrs. Simonu Havránkovou ( or 
Mr. Jiřího Purma (


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